“I don’t believe in underwear” - really Nate, really?

Photos aren’t mine, credits goes to whoever took them.


Fun. at 98.7’s Hollywood Tower Penthouse

photos by: Kayla Merrill

i wore my fun. shirt to the tangier outlets today and this girl i walked past told me she liked my shirt so that was pretty cool

#tbt to the fun. concert in philly, july 19 2013

no you’re not a failure! i promise. chem sucks and one bad grade or even many bad grades dont mean you’re a failure. seriously. i know it’s a shitty feeling after a test but itll all be okay <3
thank you so much, I really appreciate you saying that <3


Antonoff says he was “anxious” about releasing his Bleachers material, but has been astounded with the “insanely supportive” response he’s received so far. He’ll be touring in support of the Bleachers album for the rest of the summer, and also beginning work on a new Fun. album soon.
Jack Antonoff (X)